Today, I am going to answer ten VATSIM questions that beginners might ask! This may become a series, so please comment if that seems like a good idea! Credit to AviationPro for the idea.

What’s my Callsign?

Basically, your callsign is your name and what ATC will call you. Here’s a link to my other article about where to find your callsign, how to use it, and what it is.

What’s the Phonetic Alphabet?

The phonetic alphabet is what is used when talking on aircraft radios because it is easier to understand. When talking about a taxiway (ex. b), your callsign (ex. …

In this post, I detail what your callsign is, where to find it, and how to make a new callsign!

What is My Callsign?

Your callsign is whatever you want it to be. You can check around the cockpit of your aircraft (if it is a default aircraft) and you should find a little plate with around six letters and numbers (ex. N172SP) which you could use as your callsign. If there is not a plate in the cockpit, look outside your aircraft and you should see a six-digit code that is your default callsign.

Regardless of what the code is, you can choose…

Today, I am going to rate the best flight planners, and explain how to use them!

4. is a website that has great VFR and IFR maps of most of the world. It’s not exactly easy to use, but that’s not the main problem. Although it’s great for viewing maps, if you try to make a flight plan it makes you check the following boxes: I understand that this is not a game or simulation, I will not file flight plans for non-real flights, and I understand that I will face criminal penalties if I abuse this system. …

Here is a detailed guide to your first flight, including where to fly, what aircraft to load up, what to say, and more! To completely understand, read VATSIM Starter’s Guide #2 — Planning Your First Flight before this post.

Starting a Flight

Once you have read VATSIM Starter’s Guide #2 — Planning Your First Flight, load in your aircraft at the airport you chose. If you know how to do a cold start on your aircraft, I would recommend spawning with the engines off, but if not, it’s totally fine! …

Choosing the right airport, aircraft, and route is extremely important for a successful first flight. In this post, I will go through what aircraft to choose, where to start flying, and how to plan your first route. To get all caught up, read VATSIM Starter’s Guide #1 — Download Software before reading this post.

Choosing Your Aircraft

First off, let’s start with the aircraft. I recommend loading an aircraft that is simple and made by Laminar Research. I say this because, for some add-on aircraft (at least freeware), they often don’t have a complete, 3D cockpit. Even if it does have a 3D…

The Bravo Throttle Quadrant by Honeycomb Aeronautical is the new “must-have” in the flight simulation world, but is it really worth it? I’ll also show you where I bought mine and where to find one for sale!

Note: I am not a professional, this is all only recommendations.


I mean, you can’t really deny that a throttle with autopilot, switches, a trim wheel, a landing gear switch, a flaps switch, and even warning lights isn’t cool, but the real question is is it worth $250. For me, $250 is a lot of money. It takes a lot of work and…

The first step towards becoming a VATSIM pro is downloading the software. Today, I’m going through all of the steps to downloading xSquawkbox, the pilot client I use to connect to the VATSIM servers.

Signing Up for VATSIM

The very first step is signing up for VATSIM. It is pretty straightforward, and here is the link for signing up.

On to the next step!

Choosing your Software

You will have to decide which software best suits your needs, but I’ll help you as best I can. The first thing to think about is which OS you are using.

The typical flight simmer uses Windows, but I believe…

Mac Aviation

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